Bass Bonanza 07/10/2018

Welcome to the band James, hope you enjoy playing with us.  Many thanks to Neil for helping us out and congratulations to Banovallum.  Great to see the bass section filled.

Rochdale Contest 05/10/2018

Cleethorpes Band will be competing at the Rochdale Contest on 21st October. 
The coach will leave to get us to Rochdale before 1130

Marathon on the prom 14/09/2018

The band will be supporting the ABP Coastal Half Marthon on Sunday 16th morning, playing on the promenade.  Enjoy the music as the runners pass and give us a wave!

Sunday in Tesco 07/09/2018

We'll be playing in Tesco, Cleethorpes at 11am on Sunday 9th Sept.  About half the band will perform some light music to accompany your shopping, hope you can drop by and say hello.

New Blue Floor 15/08/2018

The rehearsal room has a new carpet tile floor, looks great and big enough to party!  Thanks to Heidi who collected the tiles and Rob, Lynnette and Sam for fitting and steam cleaning top to bottom.  Great job.